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Shakespeare and Elizabethan England - 2

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  1. Clothing in Elizabethan times:
    • Difference between rich and poor people's clothing
    • What fabrics were used?
    • What were some unusual garments?
    • What did the garments look like?

Internet Sites:
Elizabethan Period Costumes
Costuming and Needlework Links
Fashions: Women and Men
Elizabethan Clothing
A Fashionable Vocabulary: Clothing and Fabrics

  1. Weapons in Elizabethan times:
    • What sort of weapons were used then?
    • What were they made of?
    • Who carried them?
    • What was the deadliest weapon?

Internet Sites:
Elizabethan Fencing
Honour and Duelling

  1. Language in Elizabethan times:
    • What did the language sound like?
    • What words do we no longer use?
    • What sort of swear words did they use? (Curses)
    • Were there class differences in the way people spoke?

Internet Sites:
Elizabethan Accents
Language: Idiomatic Idiosyncrasies

  1. Profile of Elizabeth I:
    • Where was she born?
    • Who were her parents?
    • How did she come to be queen?
    • Who were her advisers?
    • Did she marry anyone?
    • What was her relationship with Mary?
    • How long did she reign?

Internet Sites:
Elizabeth I: British Monarchs
The Life of Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I

  1. Events of the time:
    • Who were explorers at that time? What did they do?
    • What was a famous battle in Elizabethan times?
    • Describe the conflict in the Church at the time.
    • Who were the enemies of Elizabeth I?

Internet Sites:
Elizabeth, the Movie
The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I
Elizabethan England
Elizabethan English Historical Figures and Events

  1. Beliefs:
    • What did they believe?
    • A person who had an influence on what the Elizabethans believed was a man named Dionysius. Find out about him and his ideas on how the world was ordered on The Holy Angels site.
    • What were the four humours? Work out which humours go with which characters in your play, for example, if you are studying Romeo and Juliet, what humour does Mercutio have?

Internet Sites:
Elizabethan Medical Beliefs
Medical Beliefs and Practices

  1. Playhouses:
    What were the names of some of the playhouses and actors?
    How did the playhouses differ from present day theatres?
    What was unusual about the actors then?

Internet Sites:
Illustrations of Stages
Shakespeare's Globe
The Swan
Shakespeare Resource Center - Shakespeare's Globe

  1. Sources of the play
    Shakespeare's plays are usually based on another story. Find out the source of the play you are studying (hint: look through the beginning of the book your play is in). When you have found out about the source, research some aspect of the background to the story. For example, what can you find out about Verona? Padua? How far apart are they?

Internet Sites:
Shakespeare's Stories - Macbeth
Shakespeare's Stories - Hamlet
Shakespeare's Sources

  1. Life of Shakespeare:
    There are so many questions you can ask here! Try your own.

Internet Sites:
The Stratford-on-Avon guide to William Shakespeare
The Seven Ages of Shakespeare's Life
A Shakespeare Timeline
Shakespeare Resource Center - The Man


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