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An A to Z of NZ Immigration

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They came to this Land of Plenty: A to Z

Write A to Z down the margin of the page (leave out Q, X, Y). Using the information you read in Te Ara: History of Immigration, work out the answers to each of these clues. The first answer starts with A, the second with B and so on.



In 1907 'Non British Citizens' were called this name.


Between 1992 and 1995, these refugees arrived in New Zealand.


These immigrants came to dig for gold in the 1860's.


Pacific Island overstayers were caught by these in the 1970's.


Most of New Zealand's immigrants in the 19th Century came from this area.


This group of immigrants settled in Akaroa in the 1840's.


This group of immigrants settled near Nelson in the 1840's and 1850's.


In the 1950's these refuges arrived in New Zealand.


In 1899 this act was passed to keep out criminals, insane and those with infectious diseases.


Soviet Refugees came to New Zealand. Their religion was ______


In 1999 the New Zealand Government accepted 200 refugees from this place.


An organization against immigration to New Zealand by non whites, was called the White New Zealand ______


People who move to a new country are called this.


1000 people came from this place from 1930 - 1940.


This area of New Zealand was originally settled by the Scottish.


By 1976 there were 65,694 people from this region in New Zealand.


The Polish people who arrived in New Zealand in 1944 were _______


In the 1870's a lot of immigrants came from this area.


The Government charged this on each Chinese person in New Zealand in 1881.


Asian refuges arrived from this place in 1972-73.


Maori people _______ to New Zealand from Polynesia.


in 1962 an annual quota of immigrants from this country was created.


In 1840, the New _________ Company was set up to encourage people to move to New Zealand.


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