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Record details of each site you use, e.g.

Bloggs, B. Hints for notemaking. [Online] Available: [August 12, 2000].

Use these summary checklists to filter each site for relevance, accuracy, authority.



  • Get subject overview

e.g World Book or Encyclopaedia Britannica or Encarta online


  • Use your SEARCH TERMS (key words) as spades to dig for info.

The map, key search terms and questions form a mental filter which lets your mind bleep like a radar when it filters something relevant.

Use the 3S formula, SURF, SLURP and SUMMARISE to go through websites quickly (surf) making a mental note of anything relevant. Then go back more slowly and read (slurp) what you selected as relevant. Make notes very selectively (summarise).



Use search engines, e.g.

www.altavista com for keyword searching


Use subject directories, e.g.

if you want material organised in subject categories (like a library).


If you've got questions, use

NZ Ask an Expert


For NZ material use

If you want educational sites use or Te Kete Ipurangi.

if you want sites for primary - early secondary students use

For maths/ science sites, use


  • BOOLEAN searching

AND dogs+cats (info on dogs and cats)

NOT pets-cats (info on pets but not cats)

OR dogs or cats (info on dogs or cats)


Refining your search

Look on HotBot SuperSearch

( You can limit your search by language, date, media type, word stems, etc.

Linked sites: Find these through HotBotSuperSearch or AltaVista - Type "link" in the search box. Then copy & paste URL of the site into the search box and click on 'search' to get the linked sites.



If the information relates to your gaps and questions, it is relevant. If it doesn't it probably isn't.


Check at least TWO or more different sources eg book // Internet site // CD// interview with expert.

If the interview in two or three sources makes similar claims/ gives similar facts, it is likely to be accurate



Check the URL for

- named author/ expert

- reputable organisation/ institution (like a university)

.edu - education

.ac - education

.org - non-commercial organisation .com - commercial company .net - network service

.nz - New Zealand

.au - Australia .uk - United Kingdom .ca - Canada

.jp - Japan

Check that the info is 'solid' and sources are referenced. Check site links to evaluate authority of linked sites.


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