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Year 9 Reading Log 2005

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Year 9 Early New Zealand Personal Reading Unit




Strand: Written Language: Reading

Level 5

Duration – 1 term

Due date:

This year you are expected to read a variety of texts for enjoyment and also to improve your vocabulary, writing skills and understanding of the current topic. By reading a variety of texts we are able to see how to express ideas in different ways which can help us to improve our writing.

This term you will keep a log of the texts (novels, short stories, poems, magazine articles) you have read to do with Early Settlement of New Zealand, Whaling and Maori Culture. You are expected to read at least SEVEN texts and keep a record of them on refill paper and keep them in your clearfile. 

Learning Outcomes:

w        To read and enjoy a range of contemporary and historical New Zealand texts.

w        To increase your knowledge of different genre and discuss meanings, language and ideas in your chosen text.

w        To write explanations and personal points of view about your chosen text.

w        To explore non-fiction text around a given topic.

w        To explore a range of New Zealand picture books and how visual and verbal features are used to communicate ideas.


Short Stories by: Witi Ihimaera, Patricia Grace, Keri Hulme, Janet Frame,

                            Katherine Mansfield

Poems by:           Sam Hunt, Hone Tuwhare, Ruth Dallas, Lauris Edmond

Picture books by Gavin Bishop   ( look for some on Maori myths)

Beale, F          A New Song in the Land

Amelia Batistich A Better Life: My Story series

Ken Catran      Seal Boy

                        Lin and the Red Stranger

Joanna Orwin  Owl, and   Out of Tune

Locke, E          Runaway Settlers

                       A Canoe in the Mist

L.A Meyer       Bloody Jack

Johnston, P     Then There Were Nine

                        Black Boots and Button Hooks

                        No One Went to Town

Witi Ihimaera   Whale Rider   

Hall, M             Swag and Tucker

Pulford, E         Call of the Cruins

Andresen, O      Johanna’s World


Patrick, J           Denniston Rose

                          Heart of Coal


Recommended Reading:


Complete the following activities. You will be marked on the quality and quantity of your thoughts and ideas in your writing. Take time to consider the reason why the author wrote the text and how it relates to the current topic studied. Whaling, Early Settlement of New Zealand or Maori Culture?


Activity One:  Extended Text (Novel)

Write a review for a teenage magazine of one of the novels you have read.  It should include a brief outline of the story, character descriptions and your personal comments about the story.


Activity Two:  A Short Story Written in the early twentieth century (Mansfield)

Write a diary entry from the perspective of one of the main characters.  Choose an important event in the story and describe your feelings about what has happened.


Activity Three:  A Contemporary Novel

Write a letter to a friend describing the novel you have read recently (not the extended text you are reading in class).  Include details about the characters, the setting and type of language.  Tell them what impact the book has had on you.


Activity Four:  A Short Story by a newly published writer

Design a story board of seven to ten frames for a movie for this novel.


Activity Five:  Non-Fiction Text

Select two non-fiction texts with a New Zealand theme or context – one historical, one contemporary.  Design a process by which younger children can easily gather information from non-fiction texts.  Consider the necessary skills they may need.  You may be able to submit your information gathering process to the library committee.


Activity Six: Sophisticated Picture Books. 

Select and record the names of three picture books

Choose one of the books and analyse the cover as a static image.  Decide how the layout, document image, use of symbols, use of colour, font and background help convey the main message or idea of the cover.


Activity Seven:  ‘Your hot poems’

Write a list of recommended ‘hot poems’ for young New Zealanders of your age which encourages them to extend their range of poetry reading. The list should include at least 5 poems and a very brief sentence as to why it is a ‘must read’! Include a copy of your two favourite poems and the reasons why they are your favourites.

Year 9 Read Away ( A personal reading unit) Marking Schedule

Not Achieved




Less than five responses

6-7 seven tasks completed and presented to a high standard.

Responses show understanding

All seven tasks completed and presented to a high standard.

Responses show depth of


All seven tasks completed and presented to a high standard.

Responses show perception and insight


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