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Yr 8 Antartica Study

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1.Copy the  map of the Antarctic at


2. Find 5 facts about the geography and 5 facts about the climate of Antarctica

    Explain in detail.


3. Antarctic explorers and construct a time-line of Antarctic exploration. Write 10 lines on one explorer to tell of his achievements and problems involved.




Where He Went, What He Did, Important Facts About the Expedition


1772 – 1775



1820 1823



1839 – 1841



1901 – 1919






1901 -1912



1907 – 1931












4.Find out about  how the US scientists get to Antarctica. And why they go there.

Explain 5 things they learn at  training camp

Which countries run  bases in Antarctica? Explain the reasons that they have these camps.

5. Use the  glossary to find the meaning of these Antarctic words:


1. iceberg
2. ice floe
3. crevasse

4. glacier
5. rookery
6. erode


7. blizzard
8. polar





 6.Visit the Australian Antarctic Division  site and look at some images of the Antarctic.   Take a  virtual tour of Antarctica to experience yourself some of the sights. Start at McMurdo Station, and then go to the South Pole Imagine that you are looking at a view in the Antarctic, and write a description. Remember to use all your senses in the description. Decorate your writing with some of the above images, or graphics and clip art about penguins and the Antarctic. You may write a poem if you wish but it must be at least 10 lines long, otherwise write at least 150 words. Do not write an acrostic poem.


7. Read about wildlife in Antarctica. 
Describe how Antarctic animals have adapted to life in cold conditions with examples

List 5 different kinds of fish, mammals, birds, crustaceans and marine invertebrates that can be found there, noting any special features and their importance to the food chain.

Write an information report about one creature: Remember to mention how they have adapted to the polar environment – physically and behaviourally 



8. Look at the  Antarctic Treaty  and write down the date and main points of the Treaty and the importance of these main points in terms of the future of Antartica.



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