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Te Papa Summary

Two  Beautfiul Girls


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Te Papa Summary



Why they came to New Zealand

  • Job
  • Love
  • Education


What they brought with them

  • Way of life
  • Language
  • Morals
  • Beliefs
  • Religion
  • History


All integrate into and effect what is here.


In a new land someone such as the Indian bride found such things

New language

No Indian food

No Indian clothes or materials

A different climate

No social interaction

However the 2nd generation are kiwis. Raises the question of retaining their own Indian culture – should they? How hard is it?


Time Line


1860 – 1870  Gold rush

Post 1940’s  Post war Europe suffered from rebuilding and economic problems so many immigrated here.

1940 – 1960  New Zealand economic boom due to exports to depressed Europe. New Zealand advertised overseas for immigrants.

1970  Dip – economic recession due to oil prices. No longer “the  land of milk and honey” due to bad export markets – Britain entered the EEC.

Mid 1970’s  Muldoon developed the Think Big Plan – big projects needed labourers. Pacific Island immigration opened up.

1980  Brakes on immigration due to too many. Overstayers found in dawn raids. World wide recession in 1987.

1995   Peak

Today there are more leaving than coming – emigration, death, low birth rate and low immigration rate.


Points System for Immigration


  • General skills
  • Business
  • Humanitarian
  • Family


Pacific Islands


Work in New Zealand to make money to provide for the family.

Few employment opportunities in the Islands.

Consider that they have two homes.

Educating the children is very important as well as being with the family.


Symbols of culture which they bring with them:

Shells, family photos, achievement recognition, status symbols, patterns, clothes, tapa cloth, woven mats.




Arrived during the last 150 years.

Came for a variety of reasons:

  • To escape poverty
  • To escape war
  • To seek adventure
  • New lifestyle
  • Searching for the land of milk and honey


Brought to New Zealand

  • Fishing
  • Artistic skills
  • Music
  • Opera
  • Food
  • Espresso coffee
  • Work ethic
  • Tunneling
  • Growing vegetables
  • Grapes – wine
  • religion


According to the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand is multiethnic (many different cultures) but bi- cultural (Maori and non-Maori).


with immense difficulty you can access the knowledge net to find the history of Italians etc – sorry I couldn’t even copy the www!










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