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Newspaper Work Sheet

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Year 8 Integrated Studies:  Newspaper Assignment


Bring a complete Dominion Post to school. Write your name on every section of your newspaper. Put your paper in a named plastic bag as newspapers can be most untidy things and sections get lost! You will be completing this unit of work during class time. There are eight tasks of varying length. Your teacher will give you a guide as to how much you are to complete in each lesson, any unfinished work for a particular lesson will be needed to be finished for homework. Aim to focus and concentrate to get as much completed in each lesson.


The project will be completed on my white paper in the form of a book/magazine – I will give you details of the presentation.


Complete the newspaper questionnaire

1. Reading Newspapers Questionnaire

         The newspaper(s) my family reads


         Who reads the newspaper in your home?


         What I like about reading the newspaper is...


         What I don't like about reading the newspaper is...



2. Becoming Familiar with the Sections of the Newspaper

What are the different sections? How can you find the different sections? List in bullet points as many different sections as you can and briefly describe what is in them.


3. Exploring the Newspaper Front Page

How is the front page of the newspaper presented?

Explore the front page layout and look at how articles are put together within the space on the page. What sort of font has been used? What do the headlines tell the reader? Does the content of the story influence the way the story appears on the page? Draw a simplified sketch of your front-page, labeling the different features – see me for directions.


4. Scavenger Hunt Activity

Use your newspapers to find these explanations/information. You must give more than just a number ie which sporting event, which teams and the score so the reader understands what you are writing about. If possible try to cut out the article.

  • the score from a sporting event

         the price of a used car

         a comic strip

         an editorial cartoon

         the time a movie is starting at a local theatre

         information about a cultural event

         the name of the editor of the newspaper

         the title of a story which occurred in your city

         the title of a story that contains the name of a country other than the United States

         the price of the newspaper

         the price of a house (in your local area)

         the page to find a job

         today's weather



5. World Hot Spots Activity

On a world map locate and label each country mentioned on the paper's front page. Then add more countries as you find them mentioned throughout your paper.

Briefly describe what was happening in one of those places. Write about half a page. Collect a blank world map from me. Paste in the article.


6. Functions of a Newspaper

Make up a table with three columns headed "Inform" "Entertain" and "Persuade".  By referring, where necessary, to your newspaper place each of the following under the correct heading:

         news reports

         letters to the editor

         feature articles


         editorial cartoon


         display ads

         sport reports


         classified ads



         classified ads



7. News Stories

Select one story and answer the following: paste in the article.

Who is involved?

What did they do?

When did it happen?

Where did it happen?

Why did it happen?

How did it happen?

Discuss and list some of the languages features and the structure of the story?


8. Cartoons

Find the editorial cartoon by Tom Scott, paste it in and answer the following:


What did the cartoonist want their audience to think about?

Is the cartoon based on a real person or an event?

What is the subject of the cartoon?

What is the mood? How does it make you feel?

What do you think the artist is trying to communicate in the cartoon?

Do you think the cartoon is an accurate picture of the event/person?




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