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Report Writing

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Why Report Writing is Important?



A report is an important part of the genre of transactional writing - that is writing that is intended to convey factual information.


A report can be …


- an account of an investigation into a chosen topic

- an argument to validate a point of view based on the collection of evidence to support this argument.

Learning to write effective reports is an important skill to learn and refine as they pay a major part in many areas including science, environment, technology, commerce, media and community involvement.


By using a simple template you can greatly improve the quality of your report writing.


Getting Started


Find what the students know all ready about report writing, eg


- what is a report?

- why are reports written and who writes them?

- what does the dictionary say about reports?

Develop the idea that a report is the writing of facts, eg what information does a school report give? Why is it useful for both students and parents?

Reports are very important as they can often provide solutions for real problems, eg

the local district council could employ some traffic experts to investigate and write a report about traffic problems in the local district and suggestions for solving them.


Selecting an Approriate ‘Real Life’ Topic


Choose topics that are within the understanding and interest of your class level, eg


 Yrs 8 and 9 students could widen their selection to include the local and wider community.

Have groups brainstorm topics that would be suitable for report writing and report back, eg


litter problems at school and within the community,

better use of the playground and playground equipment,

wet weather activities during playtime and lunchtime,

classroom management,

Reasons for introducing hobby clubs to the school programme

How could we improve the physical appearance school grounds






Title Page - This contains the title of the report, the name of the authors and the date it was written

Contents - This lists the different part of the report and the page numbers

Introduction -This tells why the report was written and explains how the writers got their information.

Main Section - All the information that was gathered. This should be set out in separate sections. Each section should deal with only one topic.

Conclusion - This section reminds people briefly about the sections of the report. It gives the conclusions about what was investigated. It also lists any reccommendations on action that should be taken.

Appendix - This lists any additional information and could include names people who were interviewed and where their information came from.


Final Considerations

Remember that presentation and good proofing is essential.

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