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Mapping in Elizabethan Times

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 Year 9 Integrated Studies


A study of Elizabethan explorers and map making.


Heave Ho, My Hearties, Work Ahoy!


Your job on board is to follow the instructions to work through this website, creating it as a ship’s log which includes  word-processing on A4 paper, create a title page, index   and bibliography of the websites you use. Have fun with this web-quest activity!



Draw a timeline of showing imported products and information about that product.



Bullet point the reasons explorers went on these dangerous journeys.

Write a sensible and convincing letter using the template – print your letter. (Remember to scroll down on the right-hand side)  Read the letter from Sir Francis Drake. List 5 perils he faced and how he dealt with them.



Write a clear report for fellow sailors to read. Tell them how to navigate, what to beware of and which instruments they may need to use and how to use them.



Find an image of a sailing ship and label to include all information about the parts of a ship including what is on and below deck.  Write a job description for a seaman on a sailing ship. (Life at sea in the age of sail)



Define the difference between a map and a chart. Describe the world as the Tudors knew it. Print small images of the 3 maps/charts and give brief details of each (click onto info button for details). Answer the quiz questions and write the information gained under the appropriate map or chart.



Choose 3 objects from the “Find the Evidence” file. Print small images of each and explain what they are and how they were used.


Task 7

Draw a timeline from 1492 to 1600 to show the great explorers exploits. Note where they travelled to, what they found, brought back etc. Draw their travels on a map of the world and label.


Task 8

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of storing information on a globe. Using the template make a globe out of a flat piece of paper!

Extension activities – try making the other globes available on the website ie Venus


Task 9

Extension activity: make your own quadrant.


   Assessment  Schedule





5-9 tasks completed accurately to a satisfactory standard.

Presentation is of a high standard.

7-9 tasks completed accurately and thoroughly.

Presentation is of a high standard.

All 9 tasks completed accurately and thoroughly.          Presentation is of a high standard.




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