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Wellington City Council's Objectives

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WE L L I N G T O N C I T Y C O U N C I L    10






of Projects and Programmes


2.3 Cultural Diversity

Wellington welcomes, values and celebrates a diversity of


City indicator

Percentage of residents who think that increasing

multiculturalism makes Wellington a better place to


2.3a –

To promote a kaleidoscope of cultural celebrations

which reflect the diverse and cultural composition

of the city.

2.3b –

To recognise and celebrate the distinctive identity

of Wellington’s culture and acknowledge individual

communities and their contribution to the

cultural diversity of the city.

2.3c – To cater for the needs of people from different

cultures who have chosen to make Wellington

their home.



Community grants.

Community festival grants.

Strategic grants.

Performance measure

Number of festivals supported.


2.4 Participation

People are encouraged to participate in community


City indicator

Percentage of residents who agree that community works

together and people support each other.

Percentage of residents who have had positive contact with their neighbours.


2.4a –

To develop stronger community networks that

include all members of the community.

2.4b –

To ensure that adequate recreation, leisure and

learning opportunities exist for all members of the

community, and encourage participation and

“bringing people together” in a wide range of activities.


Community properties operations, maintenance,

upgrades and renewals.

See also the summary of projects and programmes under

Recreation & Leisure 7.2 & 7.3 .

Performance measure

Weekly foot-traffic through community centres and halls.




see above site for greater detail (page 10)



2.3 (Changed ) Diversity


OBJECTIVES (all changed)



Wellington welcomes, values, celebrates and

supports the diversity of people.

The diversity of Wellington’s citizens is one of its

great strengths, helping to create a city that is

exciting and stimulating for both residents and

visitors. Diversity enriches the lives of all

community members, produces new ideas, and

provides different ways of looking at things.

Harnessing these positive aspects of diversity is

something the Council is strongly committed to.

The Council wants to create an environment where

people are able to maintain the balance between

retaining and expressing the individual culture

that defines who they are and being part of the

wider community they live in. It is the balance

between these two factors that enables people to

retain their sense of self and their overall health

and wellbeing.


2.3a To ensure that WCC policies and practices are

considerate of the needs of people from diverse


2.3b To ensure that people from diverse groups are

able to access Wellington City Council’s


2.3c To support people from diverse groups to

understand and access services from other

agencies – government and non-government

2.3d (New) To support and promote a range of events

and celebrations which reflect the diverse

composition of the city.


Heading does not include “cultural” as it already

implied by the strategy title.







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