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New Ziland Misteaks

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New Zulen Misteaks


        Imperfect use of the imperfect – done and not did, come and not came, rung and not rang


        Over use of words eg unique, awesome


        Me, Jane and Jill are going – Jane, Jill and I are going


        Using the word’ “Like” in any sentence at all other than to fancy something.


        Are yous goin’ – ewes are female sheep and nothing else


        Dropping the “g” at the end of a verb


        New Years instead of the correct usage, “New Year’s Eve” or “New Year”


        Got – the great got – try using, “have” or another verb instead. I got the flu – I suffered from the flu, I have got $5 – I have $5


        Rabid use of prepositions: eg continue on with his innings (on is unnecessary) or decreasing down, returning the book back to me


        Myself – give this book to Jane or myself (take Jane out of the equation and give the book to me!)


        Mispronunciation of words: assembelly, performance, Febrary, libry, pitcha, 


        Misuse of the comparative – she is more closer to me,


        Ovving and not having – I would of and should be, I would have


        Misuse of prepositions: I am bored of (with), different than, to (from), compare to (with),



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